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Default iPd T cam slow off the line

Hey guys, I put an ipd turbo cam in my 740 over the weekend and am a little puzzled by the results. Before install the car was very zippy from a stop. I had set WG preload to 10 ps, verified by calibrated gauge. With the cam installed, and ignition timing at 12*, the car is comically slow off the line--it feels gutless until 3k or so, when it takes off. It definitely pulls harder on the highway, but is very, very slow off the line, even with brake boosting. I've searched around and experiences seem to vary. I just watched a video of a stock, mbc and T cam equipped 940 spinning through 1st and netting a 6 second 0-60--that would be impossible in my car. Is it normal to lose much low end?

My plan is to make sure the harmonic balancer hasn't slipped and the timing marks are accurate, but it seems odd that power was okay before. I tried advancing the adjustable gear 2 and then 4 degrees, which made no noticeable difference. Valve clearances were all between .014-.018 when I installed the cam. Any ideas?
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