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Wrong. It won't make squat difference. The redblock is no lightweight. My old school 327/TH400 swap into my 1975 242 with B20 gained 150 lb. I weighed the car before and after on a local truck scale.
Yeah, my calculations were wrong. The 5.0L and T-5 swap from an 1989 Mustang only adds closer to 100lbs, not 200lbs. It's within 11lbs of the D24 it replaced.

No big deal. This must be the reason for the 302 swap popularity in the 80s-90s. Today itís the LS. I have buddy thatís been buying up all the junked 05-07 GM extended cabs he can find for the relatively cheap all aluminum L33s. Probably the best bang-for-buck LS you can find.

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I find the position over the front wheels is a bigger change in handling. The B6304 I put in my 244 was quite long, and the car definitely felt nosey on a 21mm bar, IPD springs (1 coil removed), and KYB GR2s.
I reckon an inline-6 is usually longitudinally larger than any inline-4 or V8. It's to be expected.

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Did you get a reply?

Sometimes messages can fall through the cracks.
I did the "RE:" trick

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