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Originally Posted by DET17 View Post
How do we know this gent has his balancer reading true TDC for #1 ?

I run the IPD cam and with LH2.4 (spark timing proper) it pulls hard just as soon as the 19t spools, which is NOW. My cam is advanced 4* because shaved head (so probably actually straight up). I have a 4.10 final gear so I have 10% less speed in each gear than Gary listed. My cam was shimmed properly which required the full IPD shim rental kit to achieve. These aftermarket cams never adjust properly with factory shims.

I sense wrong spark and or cam timing. The IPD cam works, period.
Base ignition advance isn't hardware adjustable. If the balancer slipped, it would be readily noticeable with a timing light, ASSUMING the idle switch on the throttle body is functioning correctly.

OP, check your cam timing again. If you don't trust your balancer, check the mark at the back of the crank timing gear or check piston height with an extension.

My guess is that your cam timing is still a tooth off.

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My knob has a big chunk of steel on it
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