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Originally Posted by 740atl View Post

My 240 however is a different story.

My 240 has front coilovers with 250lb springs and stock height bilstein hd's.
The rear has 200lb 5" springs with s-10 bilstein HD's

25mm front and rear swaybars.

Camber is all the way in towards the engine (stock strut mounts).
Ditch the rear bar and go to a skinny stock rear bar.
Rear springs in the 125-150 lb/in range.
Ditch the S-10 shocks, they're way too stiff for actual grip. A good cheap shock that has decent damping rates are Ganriel Ultra shocks, usually ~$45 each. I've used these in rally cars, drift car, and the the DD 244. They are a great shock for the price. They do not like heavy springs, 150lb/in is about the max they can handle.

Front setup seems decent (rates, dampers, bar, camber). Depending on how low your car is, the QSRC may help. They make a huge improvement if the car is lowered ~ 1" or more.

I use the BNE select strut mounts and add in as much caster as possible. Helps with camber gain when turning, tracking, and wheel centering & self-steering when drifting.

Hope this helps. A bouncy and stiff 240 is not good for handling... been there, won't be going back.
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