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This is my first 240 and also the lightest car I've ever owned. When I bought the car, the front right anti roll bar link was broken, the trailing arm bushings were sad, and the rear shocks were some old rusty kyb's. Still, though, this thing had spooky grip for what it was. Of course the tires I had were just regular all seasons, but I couldn't actually find the limit of the grip up front save for doing stupid stuff in a parking lot. Every time I thought I was really sending it into the turn, the car was just laughing in my face.

Anyway, I've refreshed the entire suspension to factory specs. Blue box volvo dampers, lesjofors springs, aftermarket (rubber) bushings and mounts. I have the 23/21 front and rear anti roll bars like shoestring. I also have 14x6 enkei 92's with 215/70R14 cooper cobra radial g/t's.

I have to say that this is hands down the best handling car I've owned. Maybe not in terms of outright grip (my 99 v70 had michelin pilot supersports) but the way this car just wants to rotate and comply with the road is outstanding. It's the most fun I've had in a road car save for driving my friend's miatas.

I want to experiment with the stiffer factory front springs (from a turbo car?) and the 19mm rear anti roll bar I have laying around.
1992 volvo 240 wagon:
> flavor: black on tan
> suspension: stock + 23/19mm f/r arb
> wheels: 14x6" enkei 92 + 215/70R14
> drivetrain: M47II + 3.31 + open diff
> engine: B230F + 2.5" exhaust
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