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I kept my rear end a bit squishier cause of a lot of this type feedback.
Bilstein HDs all around, IPD lowering sedan springs on a wagon, poly bushings up front, rubber in the back, Kalphenke torque rods panhard bars,QSRCs. Stock sways. 205/55 pirrelli p7s on hydras and I haven't heard my tires chirp since.

Car doesn't bounce like a pogo stick.

I think the conical metal bushings on the torque rods and panhard bars combine with the rubber TABs let's the back end conform to the road a bit more.

I've got 25mm sways I'm hesitant to put on, because as of now I don't have the rear end issues usually described.
Can take any turn at any speed.
Swerved around a pallet a few weeks back at over a hundred mph and although I felt the back unload a bit, it never unstuck, only one bounce and it was very predictable.

I'm a few thousand dollars into the suspension, but aside from coil overs not much more can be done.
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