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Glad I wandered into this thread. I am in a similar situation planning to upgrade the suspension on my recently acquired 92 sedan. Overall car is in great condition, but I'd like a bit firmer handling/feel. It looks like stock swaybars are appropriate for street use. I've had a few other 240s with full IPD setup (sways, springs, Bilstein HDs) and never really liked the way the rear end bounced. I don't think the HDs are valved for lowering (all other Bilstein "yellow" shocks/struts for lowering application are labelled Sport), but IPD seems to have been selling them this way for years. Yeah the look is decent, but I don't think the overall package works that well. Don't get me started on the IPD torque rods, but I did have a set of the hybrid torque rods from Ben on my wagon and they were a great addition. When your torque rod bushings wear out, just get these from Ben.

Would my best bet be to purchase new factory height Lesjofor springs and pair them with a set of Bilstein HDs and new Volvo OEM strut mounts? That's about $800 from FCP. Would it be sacrilegious to trim brand new springs a teeny, weeny bit (maybe 1 1/2 coils in front, 1 in back) to reduce the wheel gap? I know...for looks only. But would it mess up the characteristics of the Billies?

Just refinished a nice set of Virgos in gunmetal and they complement the graphite metallic paint / blacked out 92 trim nicely. A subtle lowering and improved handling and she'll be perfect.
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