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Hi Dave,

I guess it all comes down to the damping.

I see people on here running 450 or 500lb front springs and others 200 and it seems like there's no rhyme or reason to it. So one way to think of this is if I gave bilstein the current specs of my car (including wheel weights) they could choose the right valving that won't make my back end bounce around.... at least that's how I'm understanding this.

Does bilstein still do the shock revalving? How does it work? Mail them your shocks and struts along with data from the car?
There is both rhyme and reason for both. You have to figure out what you want the car to do. Road racers running on very smooth tracks want springs more on the order of 500 lb/in. Those would be very difficult to drive with on the street. reeferman ran his 242 road racing for many years. Kyle142 has done the same. See if you can get them to weigh in. The 740 Greg Ervin set up is running 600 lb/in in the front and 300 lb/in in the rear, as per Yeah Right's recommendation. On smooth surfaces it handles great.

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