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245 "B6284T" has 600lbs front springs and some shortened rear lowering springs. IPD 25mm front and 22mm rear, had 24mm front and 21mm rear and it's better with stiffer bars. Handling is pretty neutral towards slight oversteer. 215/45 front, 225/45/17 rear. It's stiff but I don't consider it too stiff or uncomfortable. I've driven several times 350-450 miles a day(plus a trackday) and its fine. It's also a heavy thing, around 3480lbs no driver.

-92 245 with NA 6-cyl is much lighter, 2711lbs no driver. It has 400lbs front and 224lbs rear, IPD 25mm front and stock 19mm rear. I consider it to be more on the comfortable side but drives nicely on track too. 205/50/16" front and rear.

Both cars have same BC Racing front and Gaz rear shocks, Truetrac, polybushings on front control arm and panhard. Rear upper control arm bushings have a poly on other end and stiffer stuff on the other(different on both), etc. "B6284T has a full cage too, -92 only a half cage.

But it all comes down to what you want and suits the best. Wouldn't choose a 600lbs front spring if I would have to drive a dirt road daily. Proper stock replacement springs and good shocks take a long way with stiffer sway bars.
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