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Question Putting a b230ft into a GLE wagon - radiators are different?

Hey, turdbo folks.

I'm assembling my L-block after getting it back from the machine shop, and looking ahead.

The car it's going into is an 89 GLE, and the radiator is only about 18", along with the fan shroud. I know I'm going to need some parts, and I saved a lot from my totaled car, but not the radiator. I don't think I have the shroud anywhere.

Anyone done a swap like this? I wouldn't mind going to an electric fan, but wasn't planning on it right now. I know I'm going to need a new PS pump pressure and return line, but I'm sure there will be some aggravating surprises.

What's with the little radiator in this car? Is it from the 16V POS engine, or the year?
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