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Originally Posted by kyote View Post
I'd suggest copper anti seize, but I would not suggest stainless exhaust hardware.
Maybe if we lived in Michigan, but here in TX I'm thinking the risk vs reward isn't there.
I already removed the originals, and the stainless replacements are already here

The nuts are the copper ones FCP sells. aluminum & stainless corrode, but not in a catastrophic way. We do 1000hr salt fog testing on stuff at my work, frequently containing junctions of aluminum & stainless (5052 & 316 specifically). I don't think it has ever caused an issue in our application, which is sensitive RF equipment & will detect if advanced corrosion is present because it'll induce PIM.

And maybe this is one of those experience things where you'll end up being right, but I think the consequence of failure in this scenario is low.

Also the car doesn't just drive in TX
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