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Originally Posted by tjanson View Post
What's the right way to install studs, anyhow? Is there a way to keep them from backing out when you loosen the locking nuts?
I think if it backs out when trying to loosen the nut, it's no biggie
Just remove nut & reinstall stud. I think the two reasons for being a stud for this application are
1: hanging of manifold & gaskets
2: greater chance of removal. if it's a screw, you must loosen the junction at the aluminum head & fastener. If it's a stud, there's two chance that it'll come off without stripping or snapping

and the stud has an unthreaded section mid-way that starts to snug up on the surface of the head. I think that's how contact pressure is achieved in the stud.

I just measured my old OE volvo stud and the unthreaded portion is 7.95mm OD, threaded is 7.83mm. So I wouldn't really bank on its presence having to do with anything related to diameter.
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