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Originally Posted by asilomar244 View Post
I have an LT1/T56 using the JTR crossmember. Had to do an aluminum racing radiator to keep it running cool. All of that together probably adds 150-200 lbs to the front axle.

I've done what I think would be considered a medium grade suspension build:
TME lowering springs
iPd sway bars, poly bushings
Bilstein shocks
TrueTrac LSD in 1031 3.73 rear end
Adjustable panhard and torque rods with poly
Cherry Turbos strut mount brace
iPd upper and lower chassis braces
OEM but replaced inner/outer tie rods and lower ball joints
OEM but replaced strut mounts

Currently dealing with failed rubber bushing in rear trailing arms (, upgrading the rear trailing arm bushings to poly now.

So this suspension setup is pretty good but the car understeers which is annoying. So I would like to get full adjustable with a Kalpehnke setup eventually but that is $$$.
Understeers under what circumstances?
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