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Default Front end swap

There is a nice 90 745 that I can get. Problem is rf corner is crunched. Fender- head light-hood. But I have a not so nice 87 744. Both same color. Will the parts swap?
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If you want to do swap, you will need swap the header panels where the lights mount. It is spot welded so you have to drill/grind welds. Then of course spot weld the header panels on to your 740.
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Originally Posted by white855T View Post
Originally Posted by 87_240TURBO View Post

-My car: White 1991 244, 308k miles. B230F LH2.4, AW70, R134a retro, Coronas
-Wife's car: White 1990 244DL, T cam, 190k miles.B230F LH2.4, AW70 w/aux cooler, Virgos, tow hitch
-PSM 2002 Subaru WRX wagon: EJ205, 5MT, 120k miles, Perrin TBE
Rebuilding EJ207 shortblock to swap in this summer.
-1997 Subaru Legacy Brighton: EJ22, 5MT, 236k miles
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Originally Posted by KeizerBrickGuy View Post
Lol. TB answer ftw
Originally Posted by Mr.Bill View Post
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In case that does not work....I have a dead and white 90 740....16 valve....go figure.
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