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Default Rebuild Kit for ZF steering rack?

1986 245 M46

My ZF steering rack was leaking very badly, so I bought a rack from a local salvage yard to replace it. The replacement turned out to be a CAM rack. After installing the replacement, I found it is leaking from the input shaft. Not very much, but enough that I would rather get my steering rack leak-free.

So I took my ZF rack to a local steering rebuild shop. They said their supplier didn't have a kit for rebuilding it.

But they're selling the kits on ebay?

Like this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/223528824897

Sure, bring us the kit and we'll fix it. But if it's not right, you'll get the rack back in pieces.

They also pulled out the rack on the toothed side and took a look at it. They saw some scratches, but no pitting, and they said it could be rebuilt. They seemed to have total confidence it could be done if they had the parts.

So is that ebay kit correct? Here is a picture of the data plate from my ZF rack.


The part number 7832155 is on the rack as well.

I sent that image to the ebay seller with the same question, but haven't heard back yet.

I also found this site selling a kit: https://powersteeringseals.com/produ...ies-1979-1988/

Anyone have any experience with either "Best Parts Online" or "Power Steering Seals" and their rebuild kits?

My alternative would be the Maval rack from FCP, but many of the threads on the Maval complain about it leaking.
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