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Default Need to get my 240 back on the road!

Hello friends! A cop came to where my car was parked on the street. Luckily a neighbor was walking by and said that the owner of that car lives there. Long story short, some jabroni called the police and reported my car as abandoned! Anyways, I let the officer know it was not abandoned. So help me to get this back on the road?

I got this weird problem with the acceleration being erratic and "chunky". Please see the video and I would like to hear what you would do if you had this happening to your car.

This ride is a 1982 kjet B21f with Constant idle system. Kjet with lambda control, and Chrysler ignition box. In the past year I've worked with a buddy of yours and mine and we've done a bunch of stuff to get it back to a base line working condition. It starts and idles great but when I accelerate, it gets all kooky. I've let it warm up and the chunkiness seems to go away but I want it gone for good when it's cold!

Thanks in advance!

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So it's been sitting for a while? Reminds me of my 240 when the fuel distributor was gummed up.

I'd start with verifying that both fuel pumps are working and that you are getting correct fuel pressure to the fuel distributor.


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1979 242 DL 16v

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Probably about 3 months... I've started it and driven it around the block a few times during that time period. But this problem started before it sat. Thanks for the starting point and the reference materials!
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Start with some dry gas and some fresh gas and see if that helps. Cheapest first step. Go from there. Clean/replace your plugs, cap (are there points and a rotor in that year can't recall). Check the fuel pumps change the fuel filter.

About $50-$75 worth of the basics that you should get out of the way.
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LOL, I had to look up 'what jabroni' meant! Anyway, I am glad that your car runs enough to be moved. I know this sounds like a hassle, but to keep that, a-hem, jabroni at bay could you move the car every so often to a different parking space? I've had to do this when I lived in Athens. The cops would actively look for cars without up to date tags to ticket. Even if they were in your own yard!
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Hello again, I just wanted to give a quick update and to also look for more advice. So I took my 245 into my mechanic (I've been going to them for 10 years and they specialize in old Volvos) as I didn't have the time to dig into it myself. Once he got around to looking at it, I had come over and he did this test with a light bulb thing that was attached to the coil.

As the engine revved up, the light bulb would get brighter but at the same time, an irregular and intermittent flicker of the bulb would happen. So we were messing around with the ICU, he did something to the pins and lo and behold, the chunkiness went away! I drive it around the neighborhood for about 10 minutes and there were some very small "hesitations" but all in all a great ride. So I'm thinking that it is the ICU or the connector that is all janky.

So the next day, I go to start the car and the problem has returned! To make a long story short, I figure out that if I let the car warm up for about 20 minutes, that chunky acceleration slowly fades away. So what could be causing a condition like that?

Thanks for all the help now and in the past. Thanks for your patience for I am truly a hack of a mechanic but I am determined to keep my war wagon on the road!

Here is a list of things done within the last year:
  • fuel distributor replaced
  • plugs, wires, cap, rotor, hall sensor
  • cam cover gasket
  • injector seals
  • flametrap
  • fuel filter
  • O2 sensor (needs to be covered up better, protective boot is cracked bad)
  • got rid of a bunch of vacuum leaks
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Have your mechanic drain the tank, if you haven't already filled up with fresh. If E10 gas was used at the time of storage, it has become unstable. That, plus getting the ignition harness sorted out should help. Another idea, consider dumping the Chrysler system and switch to Bosch Breakerless, like what the earlier B21F engines have. That, plus a B cam, will take you from 98 hp to 107 hp.

My old '85 245Ti was parked for about a month when my exhaust system fell apart just ahead of the rear axle. Had filled it up with 92 octane E10 the night before I parked it. When I decided to put it back on the road, it would start out on two cylinders, then three, and finally all four. That continued on for a while, then it finally started doing the usual K-Jet morning sickness, where it'd run on 3 cylinders as soon as the O2 sensor kicked in, then smooth out after about 5 minutes of idling. A couple months afterward, I discovered the pure-gas.org site and found a non-ethanol gas station that was reasonably close. Filled up there. Next time I started the car up, it actually ran properly. Slight idle surge as soon as the sensor kicked in, but then was fine.

1982 242Ti - black, M46. 1985 245Ti - blue, M46.

@1982_volvo_242_turbo on IG
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