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Default Green book

I have my B230fk out ready for overhaul with H beams and forged pistons, where would I get a green book for The B230fk engine ??
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The B230F, B230FT and B230FK are all the same engine, so the B230F book will be all you need. I'm positive it is somewhere online
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Try looking in the ozvolvo archive. Should be there.
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Yeah, Ozvolvo has a Greenbook section for Repair and Maintenance of B230.

I think you're looking for the section called "TP30871-1 B230 Repairs and Fault Tracing.pdf" at https://ozvolvo.org/archive/archive.php

Direct link (not sure it works):
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He's looking for the 'engine reconditioning' book.

Books for Cars.com has at least one or two on the shelf
They ship internationally all the time. Every time I'm in there (I'm local to them), they have a stack going somewhere in the world.
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