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Default 92 240 struggles to pick up fuel at 1/2 to 1/3 tank.


My ‘92 240 surges and stutters, especially around left turns, when it’s burned 8 to 10 gallons of fuel out of the tank. The car has done this the whole time I’ve owned it, but since the fuel gage didn’t work at first, I wasn’t aware. It runs great on a full tank!

Since getting the car I’ve replaced the following fuel parts:

- The main fuel filter - just for maintenance

- The fuel sender, in tank sock filter, and in tank fuel pump (I used a Taiwanese sender and Airtex pump and made triply sure it was all wired right and working before it went in) was all done at once to get the fuel gage working again. The wiring had completely broken off the sender.

- The fuel pressure regulator, because the old one was leaking fuel into the vacuum line.

None of those made any difference. What’s the most likely culprit here? Main pump? Evap system?

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Intank accordion hose if you didn't replace it with new fuel proof hose.
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how psi stock cna support?

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As above.

Replace it with the gates submersible fuel hose ala http://cleanflametrap.com/transferPump.htm
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When you go back in the tank to check the hose, you'll find what happened, but I question whether a new hose of the wrong material would die quite that quickly.

If you really think the problem could be elsewhere, try re-directing the output of the tank pump back to the filler to check its operation:


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Accordion hose was in perfect condition and didn't have holes or cracks. So perfect that I didn't bother using the chunk of Gates submersible hose I bought.
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Old 02-27-2020, 03:24 PM   #6
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Does the in-tank pump run??

Jumper from the secondary side of fuse #4 to fuse #6 (count down from top).
The pump should run as long as this jumper is in place.
Remove the gas cap and listen in the tank filler hole for the pump running.
You should hear it buzzing merrily along.

If not, you most likely have a bad electrical connection to the pump somewhere.......probably inside the gas tank.
Either that or the new pump is bad......it wouldn't be the first one.

Hope this helps

Ps........you did check fuse #4 didn't you???

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what's your intake sock look like?
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