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Default Yellow 242

Originally a b21f bw55 car that I bought from Simon Babbs. I bought the 242 a fews years ago for the rear end that had a 1031 with a turetrack. My white wagon had blown up the rear end, might as well buy the whole car and use the rear end for my wagon. After swapping the rear end back to another 1031 that was a open diff, my brother and I were left with a stock 242. The old b21f was worn out and not worth keeping in the car. My brother and I decided to build a V8 242 since we already done a wagon V8.

A lot of maintenance was complete before doing the V8 swap. All the calipers, brake pads, rubber brake lines were replaced plus the master cylinder. Heater core and blower motor was replaced. Shocks were replaced with KYB inserts and IPD lowering springs.

Here some pictures what I can find doing the swap

20180523_210959 by scott Becker, on Flickr

20180510_201734 by scott Becker, on Flickr

IMG_1061 by scott Becker, on Flickr

IMG_1088 by scott Becker, on Flickr

20180509_115309 by scott Becker, on Flickr

20180509_115320 by scott Becker, on Flickr

20180209_171322 by scott Becker, on Flickr

Sold the car maybe a over a year ago, Cant remember how long it been. I had to chance to buy it back from the owner I sold it to. The PO added some Ben's hybrid torque rods and replace most of the rubber suspension with poly. Also he installed koni yellow shocks front and back as well.
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