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Default B230F/B230FT Piston Mixup?


Motor: 1990 B230F.

Problem: Seems as though parts retailers and OEM online outlets are now selling the +T pistons (8.7:1) for the NA builds. Looking for correct NA (9.8:1) pistons.

Comment/Rant: No matter how convenient it may be for a parts seller to stock only one piston variant for all cars in a series, it's not decent to offer the wrong part as being "correct" for a build without informing the buyer first.

All told, where can one look to find actual NA (9.8:1) pistons nowadays? And, does anyone have the correct Mahle and/or Volvo P/Ns for these particular items???

Thanks again --
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All original parts catalogues: https://www.gcp.se/en/

According to part numbers Skandix has listed Bore size D: https://www.skandix.de/en/spare-part...ndard/1000345/

0.3mm OD: https://www.skandix.de/en/spare-part...rsize/1021504/

0.6mm OD: https://www.skandix.de/en/spare-part...rsize/1021505/
444 -55,
242 DL -80 (was 4.6l)sold, 245 -88 "B6284T" sold, 245 -92 B6294,
245 -90 "B6284T"
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Old 10-02-2020, 09:56 AM   #3
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Thanks for the info, Lankku. Looks as though these items are still available on the Continent.

After digging for a bit on this end, it seems as though Mahle has discontinued their distribution for the 9.8:1 pistons in North America. That explains the main challenge in getting hold of the right item in the US...

Here are a couple of other (European) regular-stocking sources for these items:
>> kgtrimning.com (Article #3766)
>> cvi-automotive.se (Item #271331)

Both look to be listing the correct parts; and KG Trimning has good prices for a number of the basics in general. KG, in particular, is polite and easy to deal with for US customers.

Expanding outside the box, here are a couple more sources here which should be mentioned:
>> http://www.wiseco.com/Automotive/Pistons.aspx & http://www.importperformanceparts.ne...ons_volvo.html (CNC billet pistons for the B230 series)
>> https://diamondracing.net/ (Custom CNC billet pistons for all applications)

Diamond, in particular, is quite worth looking at in context with "vintage" piston needs.

Contact with the company indicates that they are both willing and quite able to help with economical CNC duplication of just about anything pistonwise. A couple of questions back-and-forth via email revealed pricing in the $200 range for a complete, updated 230 series custom piston.

As I understand it, you send them the old piston, they put together the g-codes, cut the billet, and mail the finished item to you. A variety of rings & pins and updated design available as well for frosting on the cake. 50 years of skill in the box.

>> https://www.freedomracingengines.com...ce-engineering
>> https://www.enginebuildermag.com/202...turbo-cummins/
>> http://blog.diamondracing.net/inside...-monster-motor

In general, CNC billet looks promising from the standpoint of continuous part availability, finished quality, and economy for pistons in everything from the humble B230 on up.

Hope this savvy helps anyone who may have need...

Cheers --
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Old 10-02-2020, 10:18 AM   #4
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Quick update for Oct 2, 2020:

Just heard from a friendly contact that KG Trimning has got hold of a new shipment of the standard and oversize 9.8:1 Mahle B230 piston kits -- complete with rings, pins, and locks (Article #3766).

Indications are that supply is tight right now, even for the Swedes.

Grab 'em while they're there
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