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Old 03-02-2020, 01:32 PM   #1
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Default Little French 244 canyon carver project

Hello all,

I am Hadrien 27 years old and living in Paris, France. Owner of a red 855R that was on a petrolicious movie, i really love Volvo's and wanted to present my new project here.

So just bought this 244 2.3 with an M47 box.
It was a one owner car, until someone decided to make it go fast but never really finished it.

Engine has been entirely done, 12to1 comp, polished head, lighten flywheel, a pair of DCOE 45 carbs but then the project was left aside and the chassis never prepared.

My goal is to prepare the car in order to have a nice canyon carver for where my parents live in the Alps.

I already have a few questions after having spent a lot of hours of reading on the forum already.
My goal is to upgrade the chassis at a reasonable cost.

- Bilstein B6 or BC Racing coilovers ? I wanna put 16inch wheels and maybe lower the car a bit and from what i know you can't put lowering springs on the B6 but they seems like much better products than the BC and easier to install maybe...

- The car has 250.000km, i guess i need to change all the bushings. How hard of a job is that ?
I saw IPD is doing a full polykit i think i have no choice, it would be horrible to put good new sports shocks and not redo the bushing.

- IPD sway bars, from everywhere i read it seems really worth it. Does it still is when switching to B6 ?

- Panhard bar and rear torque rods, i have kinda understood the use of those. Are they really mandatary in order to have a nicely set up car ?

- Brakes i have ordered ss braided lines, will put good ferrodo pads and some rbf600 dot4.

- Steering quickner, i saw Kaplhenke is doing some quick steer roll, is it worth it ? i have a power steering rack but i would do with a faster steering for sure.

- Kaplhenke rear axle spherical bearing ? I have done a similar mod to my nsx on the rear and it literally changed the whole car for the better, is this mod popular on 240's ?

Thanks a lot to everybody for the future help !

Here is a few pics when i got it

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If you are going to lower the car, then get the Kaplhenke roll center correctors. They eliminate bumpsteer. And the spherical bearings are solid, so no deflection and much easier to install than those large bushings. I have both on my 242.
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Hi Hadrien, cool to see you here, saw the Petrolicious YouTube of you and your 850r, super nice!
Great choice on the 244!

Regarding mods, yes the spherical rear axle bushings are great, I made a set myself and they transformed the car for the better. Torque rods, I'd go for rubber on one side spherical on the other. The qsrc spacers from Kaplhenke are great too. I myself didn't have much luck with poly except for panhard rod (although that one would be great with a spherical bearing on the chassis side too, axle side is small wall thickness rubber so little flex) and the big bushings of the front axle.

If you can get only the front sway bar that would be great, rear one makes the car lift the inside tire a bit quick.

Bilstein b6 can be used with slight lowering, like 40mm. Otherwise get the b8, also available at Skandix or some German webshops.
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Originally Posted by Redwood Chair View Post
Don't forget about properly seasoning it on HF jackstands for a couple years whilst dreaming about big powah 'goals'.
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Old 03-03-2020, 06:32 AM   #4
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Location: Paris, France

Thanks i will look into the Kaplhenke roll center correctors.

What are you saying about poly is that they are prone to fail quickly ?
Only the front sway bar ? I guess maybe i can, is that how 242 and 244 owners do ?

The B8 doesn't exists for 240 i checked, there is a few different reference for the B6 but that is it ( rallye, cup and sport ).

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These were on hackster's 242. He is running 275 tires up front and only lasted one weekend autocross day. This is the front crossmember bushing.


I make the front small and large cup bushing out of delrin. Hackster was even having the large poly front control bushing pushing out of the pockets after a few track days.

here are the rear large bushing on the front control arms


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