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Are the adjustable rods factory? I feel like I have seen them somewhere.

As far as I know, "short" rods came on cars that were originally equipped with 16" wheels.

I redrilled the front bolts on my strut mounts and ended up with a mere half a degree of negative front camber, from +1 before. Yuck.

For caster I believe I ended up at 5.7 degrees. I'll probably try the washer trick at some point. Measurements come from an angle finder on the strut tube and homemade camber gauge. Dad and I did a string alignment with driver's weight in car. 1.5 mm toe in in total I think.

940s have a fairly large positive scrub radius in the front according to my measurements as well as big bushings in the control rods so I figure there is a significant amount of toe out during acceleration.
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I don't think they are factory. I bought mine from Skandix and the adjustable ones are listed with the same number as the 390mm (3530789). Got 5.3 degrees caster with stock-ish length, should be more available by adjusting and using washers.
Originally Posted by SKANDIX
Length adjustable Control arm strut, covers all genuine measures:
- Volvo 3530789 = Length 390,5mm for Standard Chassis
- Volvo 3530790 = Length 385 mm for vehicles with 16" wheels
- Volvo 3530791 = Length 396mm, genuine Accessory part
- Volvo 6819079 = Length 388,5mm. Volvo Service part for vehicles with rubbing brakes. Caution: This Strut had special bushings which are discontinued.
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