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Post pics in Orhpan Thread or YOU will be banned.
Save the Volvo's.

Originally Posted by Redwood Chair View Post


"Do you work on Volvo ...

*Click - bzzzzzz*
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Turbo, what?
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Default PIR 10/20 weekend results!

The results post I put up on Facebook:
Finally, weekend results and photos for the Lucky Dog Racing League 8 + 7hr endurance race at Portland International Raceway!

We finished 3rd in class both days and 9th and 8th overall! On Saturday we were multiple laps down on 1st place #35 Giant Motorsport's E36 BMW who had a great day before losing some power with 2hrs left in the race. We had quite a few more issues in the last couple stints so we weren't expecting to still be in the hunt, but we ended up finishing only 11 seconds behind 2nd place #74 PPPRacing's E30 BMW. After fighting a good portion of the day with #48 Mediocre Motoring's VW Jetta, they and others in our class had issues. Our Raspberry Pi dash/display falling down and breaking, rear brake pads going down to metal on metal, throttle return spring breaking, ignition coil working loose and pulling a coil wire off couldn't keep us off the podium!

On Sunday we tried to put on a better fight with less mechanical issues after taking care of some things the night before, but alas, it was another 3rd place! #8 McLarry Honda's Civic had a splendid race and we couldn't keep up earlier in the race. They must have had an issue at the end of the day as they slowed down a lot and lost their multiple lap lead on us and #35 Giant Motorsport again who we had been switching back and forth with throughout the day as their reduced power issues continued. We had a couple black flag incidents that kept us a lap behind Giant at the end of the day and less than two laps down on McLarry.

It was a great weekend overall and we were lucky to have a great group of drivers in Marc, Tony, Keith and Kyle joined by Tonya as crew and cook for the weekend. In addition to the two trophies, we won the Rebellion Timepieces Lucky Dog Racing League watches and won $100 towards new Hankook RS4 tires!

Also a huge thank you to The V Shop, Cathy and NW Safety for letting get out and play!

Enjoy some photos courtesy of those wizards Drew and Dakota.
There's more info, photos and detail on our Facebook page linked in my signature.

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Nice work!

What's the suspension setup on this car? Same as a few pages back?
1993 944 B230FT/M90 thread here: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=345277
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Originally Posted by redblockpowered View Post
What's the suspension setup on this car? Same as a few pages back?
Yes. We swapped to 2.5” diameter 200lb rear coil over springs(from stock diameter 225lbs) for this race and tried the no rear bar for this event, though. It was a bit pushy, not the end of the world. The shocks have too much compression damping all around as they’re for rallying, but we’re making do.
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