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Old 06-27-2020, 04:09 PM   #1
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Question B230FT T5 Transmission Conversion Questions

Hey everyone, I recently acquired a 1991 940 t Sedan as a project car as it was in a accident, pushed in the rear passenger door and quarter above the rear tire. I am in the process of pulling everything out and have plans to possibly make a fun little driver out of it, maybe a daily but that's down the road.

It currently has the AW71 auto trans in it. I am wanting to do the conversion to a manual. I have read quite a bit on here of some doing it with success so I think I want to undertake it.

I have also read that the M46 M47 trans is not that strong of a gear box for handling the power the B230FT is capable of producing. So I am considering going straight in with a T5 or maybe a T9 depending on what I can get my hands on readily here in Ohio.

My question is has anyone done the conversion straight to the T trans?
Do I need to first convert over to the M and then to the T or can I go straight to the T?
I've read of doing to conversions but not right to the T. It is always a AW71 to M47 or a M47 to a T5.

Anyone have some guidance? Maybe a parts list for doing so? An article?

Thanks in advance.
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You'll need a T5 with the Ford input shaft ,either an M46 or M47 bell housing, and adapter plate and throw out bearing from yoshifab or kaplehenke, a clutch package from yoshifab or Southbend, a cross member from yoshifab or make your own and a T5 yoke welded on your maybe shortened front driveshaft. Regardless it's not a Saturday afternoon swap so if this is your daily you might have to rent/borrow another car. Edit: and a flywheel
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Old 06-27-2020, 05:05 PM   #3
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Thanks VB242 I appreciate the quick response.

This will be the first swap I've attempted so I'm not expecting it to be able to be done in a weekend, probably good thing it's not my daily. Any advise? I'm pretty mechanically inclined and I have access to a machine shop so I may try to fab some of the part such as the adapter plate and cross member. If I end up going down that route of course I will CAD the parts and maybe try to write an article after all is said and done.

As far as the shorter front shaft, would it be possible to pull one out of an existing manual Volvo 7/9? I am going to a Volvo graveyard next week and if that is possible I will try to work that into the deal I'm doing as well as grabbing the bell housing.

Ill keep this thread updated as I go along for anyone else considering the conversion as well.
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Old 06-28-2020, 12:35 PM   #4
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Keep in mind the shifter location is a bit of an issue with putting a T5 into a 740...
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If you go one piece driveshaft mine was 47". You can get a premade shaft from coleman racing 2.5" with the ujoints and just put your slip yoke on and rear flange. Double check your length though depending on your t5 version. If you stay cable set up for clutch don't forget the delrin bushing from sts. Worth every penny.
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Don't forget the chevy camero T5 tailshaft mod for 740 shifter location fitment. Moves the shifter back a little bit more then the ford tranny shifter location.

Personally I'd swap in a 265 getrag or M90 from Europe into a 740 myself... M90 bolts right in like it was made for it and so does the front section of driveline..

The other thing is what flywheel you gonna run for all that power? Look see what happens with 250hp and stock flywheel racing doing 12.7's at the dragstrip on a hot day after ten passes in a row!

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