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Old 05-13-2020, 01:10 PM   #1
Joris M
Join Date: May 2020
Location: Canada
Default 240 LS TR6060 Project, Canada

Inspired by some posts from Turbobrick's members I decided to start a long awaited build thread.

The goal is to have a reliable, good handling sleeper. The bones are a 1989 240DL wagon, power is to come from an LS, it will must be a manual, and retain its sleek boxy appearance.

It will be built in phases so I can enjoy it along the transformation and feel the incremental improvements.

Step 1: Concept (2012)

I saw a 240DL wagon in a you pull it in Omaha NE, I immediately noticed the spacious engine bay and solid rear end this thing was begging for a V8. I did some research I discovered what I wanted was a baby blue wagon.

Step 2: Purchase (2017)

After moving back to the east coast of Canada I finally found a rust free (for Canadian Standards) 240 Wagon. It was automatic, the engine had a terrible knock and the rear end howled so loudly the stereo could hardly drown it out.

As I enjoy adventures i decided to drive it home instead of trailering it ... why not, what the worst that could happen. This 300+km drive was to happen in the middle of the Canadian winter.

Not long after setting off in my Swedish princess I noticed the temp gauge peg itself into the red. Upon closer examination I came to realize the key on the main front pulley had been sheared off. With some red locktite and breaker bar I'd manage to get the pulley tight enough to drive sometimes 15min sometimes 40min...

I realized at this pace i wouldn't make it home, the -25C weather didn't make for a good time wrenching on my newly found gem so i decided to stop at my brother's house. A strong neigh sayer of the bricks was quickly a believer after 1 drive.

It was getting cold so i "fixed" my heated seats

Quick Bath

Test run on river

Step 3: Fire up test motor (2020)

Decided to fire up a ~2004 LQ4 will i had kicking around with a Megasquirt gold box 24x to be used as a test motor to get the car moving under its own power (stage 1).

Turns out plastic nut jars make good "fuel cells"

The plan is to install a LS3 (which I have as a long block... that needs lifters) down the road once I get the kinks out of the rest of the systems; cooling, fuel, suspension, brakes, etc.

Step 4: Tear Down (2020)

With everything being closed for Corona I was able to look at the 240 again. This started by removing the front rad support (man removing those spot welds on the upper support were a pain).

I emptied out a blown 4.8 LS in hopes of having a practical light weight mock up motor... turns out even without the rotating assembly these cast blocks are still soggy. Nonetheless I bolted up the TR6060 to the block to begin the process.

Before pulling the drive train I scribed a line in the transmission tunnel at the end of the stock transmission output flange so that when I install the tr6060 I can compare and see how far I have to shorten the drive shaft. I'm not a machinist however I would like to try to cut and shorten my drive shaft for this "stage 1" part of the build myself, I wont' bother re-balancing this one. Threw it in the lathe just to see what I was up against, the steady rest i have is from a different lathe and doesn't not match the height of the chuck... will need to cut and weld to match the center line... or find a different solution.

The stock volvo 1310 U joint will adapt to the 1350 adapter on the tr6060 by using a conversion U joint. This isn't a permanent fix, eventually I will be installing a narrowed ford 8.8 out of an explorer (I'll try to use the explorer drive shaft as well).

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Old 05-20-2020, 02:46 PM   #2
Joris M
Join Date: May 2020
Location: Canada

Step 5: Test Fit LS

Since I don't want to be wearing the 30 years of oil and dirt I gave the engine bay a good super clean and pressure waRsher treatment.

Needed some help from the big bear to get it back into the garage.

First things first get rid of this disgusting PRLD stick

A failed attempt at installing the WRONG pedal cluster I received as a xmas gift from a fellow Volvo enthusiast ... worst xmas gift ever!!!

Tested the block and trans without the truck oil pan, its clear the truck pan will not fit.

I traced out the LS swap pan 302-1 pan dimensions onto my truck pan and started hacking.

Struggling to position the motor I realized I needed some mock up heads... off to my buddy's pit to steal some 4.8L heads.

There we go, that's better

With 1/2" of plywood between the front crossmember and the modified oil pan the plastic towers that the decorative engine cover bolts to on the intake hit the hood, as well as the truck alternator hits the hood.

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