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Originally Posted by 84B23F View Post
Remove CTS's plug, then do an ohm test at LH harness....if infinity (Zero), leave CTS unplugged, reinsert LH harness, and start engine.

If the control unit receives a signal higher than 302F (150C) or lower than -40F (-40C), it will interpret the signal as a fault...the control unit will assume a substitute value corresponding to 32F (0C) on starting and 68F (20C) when the engine has started."
Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Not even on the Brickboard. Try unplugging your ECT sensor and see what happens. If the above statement was true the car would start and run fine with it disconnected. Those values would be "close enough" for the rest of the sensors to take over and adjust the fuel mixture accordingly. What really happens doesn't support that statement at all.
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