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Default Removing rear seat coverings/upholstery?

How does one remove the rear seat cloth/leather/pleather in a 240? I'm planning on both cleaning and potentially swapping the upholstery between two of my cars.

I'm not in front of my 244 at the moment, but I remember I was able to remove the seat, foam, cover, and all, from the sedan in the past. I don't remember what it looked like under there or if it was possible to re-cover them like it is with the front seats.

Additionally, I'm curious as to if the bottom portion of the rear seats has the same cover in the 244 as the 245. I'm pretty sure the backing will be different, but the less I have to buy to convert my black interior to (mostly) blue, the better. Even if it's not, I'd like to know how to take the covers off so I can do it whenever I (hopefully) find a 240 wagon in a junkyard next with the correct interior.

(I'm probably going to leave the wagon tailgate area black plastic for now, since I don't have a blue interiored wagon to pull from, only a 244).

If I remember correctly, the rear seat back covers in a wagon can be taken out if you remove the seat release latch bezel (which is already broken and pending replacement in my example) and undo some clips and zippers. is that correct?

More context: I recently replaced the foam in my drivers' seat, and it got me raring to go on the rest of my car. I have a blue interiored parts car, and I always loved the blue cloth, so I'm thinking about swapping it all over. additionally, my black door cards have lots of issues because the last owner kind of destroyed them trying to mount speakers that were too big, and the swap would give me a chance to move the seat heaters from my sedan into my wagon, and would allow me to check under the carpet for rust while I'm at it.
There's also a third (utterly destroyed) car I'm thinking I might be able to sell the tan cloth interior from.
1991 244 (manual 5spd)
1993 245 (auto 4spd [for now])
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Once you have the seats out it will be self explanatory. Remove every hog rng
you can find. There will be a couple pinching the seat back and bottom to give the cover some definition. After removing the hog rings remove the the metal rods in the edge seams.Piece of cake.
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