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Default gauge cluster white/yellow specks

1993 244

I know i've seen a thread about this before, but i havent been able to land the right search terms i guess.

I've got my gauge cluster out and apart for reconditioning. What is the cause of the white or yellow specks on the outer cover around the gauges? I tried cleaning it up, but it just seems to come back after drying.

A link to previous discussion will work....if you know it.
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DD Ranch
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I don't know what causes it. It seems like its a grimy film.

You say you have the cluster out; have you taken the back off with the instruments leaving the shell of the cluster? That's how you get inside there.

I had that problem in my 91 245. I cleaned mine by just washing it out with Dawn washing liquid and a soft flannel getting in through the holes for the instruments, letting it dry and buffing.
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Probably some form of plastic UV degradation. Mine smelled funky though which made me think there was a possibility of it being mold?

I tried scrubbing it off, only to find that it just smeared it around without removing it.

The popular option (that I also went with) is to use a backing piece from a satin finish cluster from an 80s 240. They're interchangeable. Even the speedo plate fits, but doesn't line up perfectly with the odometer numerals.

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I tried the dish soap and while it seemed a little better, as soon as it dried it mostly came back. It almost seems like it has something to do with the the plastic drying out.

Since i had taken the whole thing apart, i used SEM black plastic paint. I taped up the few symbols like the gas tank and the Volvo between the right gauges. It looks a lot better, we shall see how it holds up.

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Any chance you cleaned it previously with a strong solvent like 95% alcohol or such? They can lift chemicals out of the plastic and mess with the finish.

Covering it up with trim paint should work fine. The only other option would be to somehow buff/resurface the whole thing, which I don't think a thin piece of 80s formula plastic will survive.
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