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Default B21A- original distributor or B230 distributor ignition advance curve?

Hi all,

This is sort of performance related, more so than maintenance... looking for some advice please.

I've got a B21a in a 1978 245, totally stock apart from a B230 (or might have been a B200) distributor and ignition amplifier from a late 80's k-jet 240. I swapped the distributor in to ditch the points and condenser and move to a more reliable setup.

A friend drove the car over the weekend and said it wasn't as fast as he expected, especially in the mid-range on part throttle and up - he has a very similar car, also a 70's 245 with a standard B21A, so he has a reasonable point of reference - and we discussed whether the ignition advance curve in the swapped distributor was less than optimal for the engine.

Before delving into more playing with the timing light, mixture screws and road testing I'd like to start with the 'best' distributor in place. I have the original distributor and an 'Accuspark' unit will bolt into it in place of the points and condenser, so I can swap back to the original distributor without having to return to the points and condenser arrangement.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Get the Bosch part numbers off of the distributors and compare the advance curves. They're in the ignition systems greenbook.

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That makes sense- thanks

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Also don't forget to reference what rear axle ratios you have in the two cars. A taller gear may make the car a bit slower to respond. Tire diameter also affects that as well.
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