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Default 1988 244 Rear Suspension

I just purchased a 1988 244, and the previous owner had changed out the rear coil’s and shocks to I believe a racing modification I am not sure but it is super super stiff and I want it to get it back somewhat comfortable to drive. It drives like a buckboard over bumps. The riding height of the vehicle is about the same as my 91 and I was wondering could I just put a softer shock in to help it out a little, Without having to replace the coil springs? Thank you all, Richard And I did not know whether to put it into modification category or maintenance so if I did put it in the wrong one I am sorry
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so you want us to work out what this "racing modification" is with no clues or photos?

If the rear end is very hard then chances are you need to change the springs to get a more compliant ride

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Originally Posted by Redwood Chair View Post
Remove the KYBs.
check my feedback here
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Tires not over-inflated?

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Softer shocks with stiff springs is no good.
There are lots of threads here on springs and shocks. See if you can measure the wire thickness of front and rear coils and get back to us.
Originally Posted by pwschuh View Post
Life's too short to worry about such things.
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