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Default CBV Block off, is a BOV needed?

Hey all,

I've been seeing a lot of different information about if a car needs a BOV or CBV. The boost on my +T seems to vary every time I drive the thing, so I want to block off the stock CBV to see if that will help. Can I run without either a CBV or a blow off valve? I know there might be some compressor surge but a lot of people say that that's only a bad thing for really high HP applications. I'm running about 14psi currently.

Edit: I'm running a 13c, does this mean I can't run a standard blockoff plate?
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Often cars before lh 2.4 will die or stutter after blow off. They were designed for Cbv and whoever said you dont need one is incorrect unless you want a short turbo life
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The CBV is probably not your problem. What are you using for a boost controller? Did you adjust the wastegate arm to give you 14 PSI?

You can check the cbv diaphragm simply by blowing into it. If it hold air it's fine. If the spring is weak it will open a little early but it won't give you variable boost pressure.
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