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Default Ignition for a high-revving B20

As the title says; doing a partial rebuild on the B20 in my 144S, and I'm throwing some components in it that I suspect might mean I can rev past 6,000 rpm. I'm not sure the stock, 40-year old distributor can handle that much.

I have an MSD 6A box lying around that I could probably install with the stocker, would that be a better solution (for a cheapskate like myself) than buying a new 123 distributor?

EDIT: Just realized I posted this in 'maintenance'. My bad.
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If you happen to have a metric '67-'72 140/160 gauge cluster, please do PM me.

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Will you do $14.99 shipped?
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please no more prying things with screwdrivers and bashing things with hammers!

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