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Default Suspension for V8 swap

My 264 GL diesel (or, 244 GL D6) with a 1989 Mustang 5.0L is still rocking the stock suspension. The original owner changed out the shocks to KYB units which don't handle the stiffer diesel springs too well. It's actually a bit iffy on the road. The suspension has to be done.

I'm curious what set-up other V8 swap guys are using. Also, how does the Iron Windosr V8 effect weight transfer and balance compared to a regular red bock four banger? I can find optimum spring rate front/rear rate bias for four bangers, but not for a V8.

To be clear, I am aiming for actual performance for street and track use. Not "stance" suspension.

I'm thinking about Kaplhenke front suspension but, I have no clue what spring length and spring rate, or even what f/r bias to go with on this V8 car.


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