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Default How much money do I have to spend before my 240 handles well.

I was thinking about this question the other day when I got the chance to drive a basically stock 240 albeit with a 302 v8 in it and nothing but a front ipd 25mm swaybar. Stock ride height, stock mushy shocks, etc. The car moved around a lot but I found the experience to be more predictable handling wise than the ass-heap of a car I have been putting together over the past 15 years.

My 240 however is a different story.

My 240 has front coilovers with 250lb springs and stock height bilstein hd's.
The rear has 200lb 5" springs with s-10 bilstein HD's

25mm front and rear swaybars.

Camber is all the way in towards the engine (stock strut mounts).

The condition...

the car bounces around like a pogo stick. The rear bouncing around is really unnerving. I used to have 350lb springs in the front and that was a joke. It doesn't corner with confidence and leans toward oversteer which for me as a neophyte driver scares the spiss out of me. In other words, all the modifications I've done have actually made the car handle worse and I drive it hard less often.

I am considering the QSRC and after that camber plates and actual koni sport shocks/struts with adjustable rebound but that's another $1100 to spend and I'm not sure of the outcome.

So... How much money did you have to spend to make your 240 handle well? I'm interested in what you did... mods, etc.

I'm not interested in 740s/940s... I feel like those cars have a better designed chassis from the start and even stock handled way better than any 240 I've driven and they're apples and oranges to 240's.

Please keep the comments positive.

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