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Default 88 740 Turbo Wagon, maybe it gets better this time

Whats up TB long time lurker first time caller, figured now would be the time to start documenting some of this stuff and as of recent I have found myself with a shell!

I had a 1991 740 Turbo Wagon Grey on black, a great candidate to fix and turn into a great driver, but as fate and poor tires would have it I ping ponged it going up a on ramp

Luckily I was alone and no one but the walls where involved ! A tow truck happened to pass about 5 minutes later, Waved him down and I was home for 60 bucks 25 minutes after the accident with my car and ofc if it wasn't for popping a tire (result of crash no the cause) the car would have driven home cuz volvo!

So that lead me to reach out to our current community in Jax FL and A member Adam reached out saying he had a shell for the holy 500 dollar number and off I went!

And Here she is the new shell that will accept some bits of the 1991 Turbo 740 + some bits from a 91 240 + T project I had !


Super Stoked Body is nice and straight, came on IPD lowering Springs and sway bars all 4 hydras with caps !


They where going to use the car for a v8 swap, but it is an OG turbo car ! So ofc I picked it up with the bay lookin like this



Dats Cool Tho ! Not sure what Ill name her but as far as goals go!

* Improve current state
* Complete the Oxblood interior
* all working OEM options
* Drive able with a/c
* really just put the bit together so I can stop DDing my 77

Drivetrain info !

*bf230 from 91 240 w/ K cam ported 13c
*m46 + hydro setup pulled from an 85 760 Jurbo with 120k miles

Dats it will be cleaning and painting everything before going in, Resealing yes not rebuilding though, the block has about 115k miles on it !

Going to use this as I'm sure many do as a place to help garner some inspiration for consistent progress. I need to get in the habit of atleast an hour a day and it'll all be done before I know it !

Will update the thread later today with what I did today yeah yeah yeah something like that yeah yeah yeah Thanks guys yeah yeah yeah

Conner P
---1991 volvo 745 turbo wagon
**m47 swap incoming !

--1977 244 360k+ miles all original
** drive till wheels fall off
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Welcome man! Good luck with the project
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Good to see another old 7er on the board- good luck man!
1985 760 Jurbo- 80k miles, finally running. Build thread HERE
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