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Maybe I'm stupid, but it Seems that most performance part manufactures have a large range of parts for particular (non-volvo) vehicles. However, a lot of parts for other vehicles are applicable to Volvos. Has anyone put together a list of cross referenced performance related parts that work for 200 and 700/900 series volvos?

Example: Since RWD Volvos and certain year Mustangs and Mazdas have the same wheel mounting dimensions, ???5X108??? (different offset) then wouldn't wheel spacers for those particular years Mazdas and Mustangs fit our cars? -not that I condone wheel spacers, this is just an example- I am more interested in suspension components, springs, braces, shocks, poly bushings, from the ricer/domestic performance internet bargain places.
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the wheels are Peugeot 306's ? and lincoln continental, mark V, and a few other lincolns that have a 5x108 bolt pattern. But their offset is like 48 or something. Enkei makes wheels that fit them.

The VW k-jet snorkel is more bulbous then ours, was thinking maybe that would increase flow through the metering plate.

Im looking at import short-throw shifter options to swap into an m46 but havent found any close enough due to their extremely wide bearing setup. I'll post when/if i find a match.

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