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Default Valve Lifter Question

I bought a B21 head that was sitting for a while and a few of the lifters have rust on them. I cleaned them with Eastwood Etch and it removed the rust but 2 of the lifters have a small amount of pitting. Can I reuse them if I clean them up with steel wool and some light grade wet/dry sand paper or do I need to buy new ones.
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*NO* "SANDPAPER" need apply (too often grit remains embedded in metal)...
you're talking about the cam FOLLOWER "BUCKETS" or the shims thereon
replace pitted SHIMS....RUN "pitted" "follower buckets" as ling as there NO
"longwise" SCORES that would promote "excessive oil flow" down the follower bores
to the valve spring / guide area which would give you "smoke" when overloaded oil
sits atop flaky valve stem / guide interface....
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