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dkrause 06-13-2017 02:02 AM

Will axle shafts from a 740 fit a 240?
Are the axle shafts the same length in a 740 as a 240?

2fast242gt 06-13-2017 02:09 AM


Råda 06-13-2017 11:02 AM

740 is longer

doucheNozzle 06-13-2017 01:14 PM


dkrause 06-14-2017 10:45 PM


Originally Posted by doucheNozzle (Post 5625693)

Because; I have access to a 740 parts car and I have an 240 axle with a broken flange I need to replace.


Redwood Chair 06-15-2017 12:14 AM


How did you manage to do that?

dkrause 06-15-2017 01:31 AM

300,000 miles on the road and 30,000 more on a race track was just too much for the original axle flange. The brake disc and axle flange are still bolted to the wheel with the calliper still on the disc. *Plus way more tire grip than the original design, it failed in a loaded corner on track.

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