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Originally Posted by thessejway View Post
With switching to a 16t I think the most difficult part will likely be the connection to the exhaust.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the 16t turbos out of the fwd Volvos use a different exhaust flange, so you will likely need to weld a different connection on your downpipe if you aren't changing your exhaust
You can use a conical exit turbine housing from a TD04HL turbo on a 16T. IIRC these were found on the TD04HL-15G turbos on early 850s. The turbine housings then changed to the more typical straight exit variety. The conical exit housings are getting harder to find, however in the past I've had luck with asking around on the FWD forums, etc.

The stock 13C is a "non-HL" version and the turbine housings are not interchangeable between 13C and 15G/16T/18T, etc.

However, to the OP, I would start with upping the boost on your 13C before worrying about swapping the turbo. Either a MBC or a different wastegate actuator. (ex:
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