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I think it moved somewhere along the lineage of D-Jet. From one that sits in the middle of the fuel rail like that to one that site on the firewall (or vice versa?). I think the hose fittings vary between the two styles.

PS: It's a matter of it having 2 or 3 hose fittings on it. The firewall mounted versions just have two - the fuel rail loops around past all the injectors to it, it bleeds off the excess pressure back to the tank. The fuel-rail mounted version has three hose fittings, since it sits in the middle of the fuel rail. Fuel goes in on both sides, excess pressure is vented out the bottom into the return line.

Annoyingly enough, the partsgeek pic doesn't clearly show which version it is. I'm pretty sure it's the firewall mounted version, though, based on the threading on the lower hose fitting (where it would be bolted to a bracket instead of being supported by the hose fittings on both sides).
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