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Default Hard warm start SU HS6

I've got the SU carburetors mostly dialed in on my B20F (now with DX needles as recommended by planetman). Now I have an issue with hot starts. It used to tick over rather quickly when I was running the SM needles but it will hesitate to get started unless at full throttle and cranking for longer. I've dialed them in and verified the mixture setting by looking at the plugs, all of them are a gray-ish tan. I'm running a heat shield.

From what I have read one of the big issues with these is heat and modern ethanol laden fuel's tendency to vaporize more easily. Is there anything off or should I just live with flooring it and cranking for a few seconds? Also is it normal for the inner two cylinders (2 and 3) to seem to run a bit richer than the outer cylinders (1 and 4)?
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