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Originally Posted by AndrewNance View Post
If there's a way to fix that I'd like to know.
Cold Starts - Farm tractors, semi-trucks, and pickups using diesel have used a high pressure Ether System for a cold start....Diagram Pic Here. If I was setting this up, I'd power it up via starter motor circuit hooked to a momentary switch on dash somewhere. Hence, this button switch on dash would only get power when key is on start position.

I've mentioned this before, but 1970s MG vehicles had a heating element between intake manifold and SU(s), so a person had to wait before attempting to start.

Hot Starts - Open the hood, and wait 15 minutes. Fuel injected vehicles can tolerate fuels with a higher vapor pressure.

Speculating...I suspect what's happening is SU's fuel bowl is being vaporized, with vapors going to atmosphere via air filters (like on B18), and maybe "flooding" intake manifold with vapors also. On a hot day, shut off engine, open hood, and smell around air filters. B18 engine used a mechanical fuel pump, so if a low pressure fuel pump like this could be inserted where it is "cool," this pump could be run for say 5 seconds before starting (I assume fuel can flow thru it when off...I've never owned one...otherwise, this needs to be setup so fuel pump shuts off when engine is off and if a fuel line is cut in an accident; I think 1971 Vega had a oil pressure switch that was used to shut off power to fuel pump when oil pressure dropped; I'd have to review Vega's electrical circuit..don't recall if a relay was used)
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