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Originally Posted by c1800 View Post
carb heat shield...wrap or ceramic coat the exhaust manifold
Good ideas....yes, exhaust manifolds can be coated...but in colder climates, intake needs the heat. "Carburetor icing is caused by the temperature drop in the carburetor, as an effect of fuel vaporization, and the temperature drop associated with the pressure drop in the venturi. If the temperature drops below freezing, water vapor will freeze onto the throttle valve, and other internal surfaces of the carburetor."

2014 - Nine Ways to Keep Your Engine Cool
Beat The Heat!

Jet-Hot is the granddaddy of the coated header industry and everyone from hot rodders, racers, NASA, the U.S. Armed Forces, diesel engine manufacturers, and even the firearms industry uses their coatings to create heat barriers. They are continually improving their technology and options, like new custom print designs and colors in the coatings like this skull, or even color fades like the trick headers on the cover.
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