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Originally Posted by IansPlatinum View Post
Just CRC degreaser, rinse with water (pressure washer is the best option), dry, and gunk engine shine. Be sure to remove battery first. Wipe off engine shine from painted surfaces with a dry cloth. It helps that I also sand blasted the inside and outside of the intake manifold when I took it off to service the PCV system, and have cleaned it before several times. That's the biggest one. Just repeat and regular cleanings, maybe once every 3 months. IPD belly pan helps keep the dirt out too.

If you use the pressure washer, be sure to follow up with a leaf blower on all electronic connectors to make sure there's no standing water. Also best to do it on a sunny day and let it sit for a bit to dry.
Good stuff, thanks! I'm pretty fearful of turning the pressure washer on towards the engine bay of a car from the 90's (let alone my 04). I have considered using the foam cannon, though.
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