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Well I got my money back for the parts that didn't get delivered, so that's nice, but I guess I'm still on the lookout for some things I still need. Time and patience...

With the parts that did come I was able to get a lot of things done yesterday. Painted the small wrap around trim pieces since those didn't get delivered

and installed the missing clips for the door bumpers trim pieces and rear window triangle trim.

The outside is now 99,5% complete, just desparately needing the trim piece below the rear window and a few other odds and ends.

Got around to installing some 250 watt 3.5" speakers in the dash,

and also installed the amp in the trunk. I have to clean up the wiring before I take a picture of that thing though...

In the package were new defrost vents because the original ones were cracked to bits and landed in the trash some time ago.


Something I was absolutely wanting to avoid was reinstalling the old interior plastic pieces since the Florida sun has baked them to a brittle crisp. With time and patience I might find some replacements, but for now I am forced to re-gluing the puzzle pieces back together and refurbishing what I have.

I ordered a total of 8 new interior panels and all I got delivered was one, but at least I have a reference on how they looked new. So here's a pic of new plastic on the left and an example of the old baked pieces I have to deal with on the right.

To start the refurb on the pieces I need to reuse, I first sandblasted them to remove the dead plastic from the surface.

A new color emerges and only needs a bit of shine.

Wetting ABS down in acetone quickly melts the surface and evaporates to a new glossy surface.

So here's a pic of new plastic on the left and an old (refurbed) baked piece on the right.


Next I had to reluctantly glue back together the pieces of the other interior panels. The glue I use is as thin as water and creeps into the cracks to have a clean result without major glue buildup. Works darned well, but as I reinstalled this piece it cracked again somewhere else Time and patience...

A quick shot of the glued crack before I wiped down the panel with acetone to hide the spot completely.


As of right now it is looking realistic to get this car back on the road in April, but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!
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