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Back in the garage for an hour our two, just tidying up a couple things. Been having a problem with the starter not engaging when the car is really warm. Exciter wire connection on the starter was a bit loose, with a pair of pliers bent it back to a nice fit. It's an intermittent problem, so it's not like you fix one thing and it's all of a sudden gone. Ended up not changing anything... Found some suspicious wires behind the ignition switch, like someone tried to install an alarm? Anyway, the big pink cable that runs voltage to the starter had been pig tailed together and wrapped in electrical tape. Getting out the solder gun fixed that, and it's just that kind of thing that keeps me busy most of the time. Getting everything back to the original condition, redoing wiring hack jobs from whenever in the past to a solid soldered fix etc. Just a good feeling when you know that wire won't be making any problems anytime soon. Anyway, could definitely tell right away that that was the problem. Super! Starter now engages crisply like never before.

And I also thought I had fixed the trunk leaks, nope, not quite! There wasn't a mass of water flowing in anymore, but after a long hard rain there just a bit of moisture in the trunk that took a while to find the point of intrusion.

But again, the panel glue was the weak point on both sides! But this time it was beneath the rear tail lights...

Got out the body panel glue and squished it in good.

Smear it, smear it everywhere!


Now I need to wash the car at some point... getting pretty dusty. We got this wash box place around the corner that has pressure washers with really hot soapy water, most effective wash in town!
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