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Originally Posted by spock345 View Post
(1.8 ohm ballast resistor).
Sidebar - The function of a ballast resistor on a point-based ignition is to keep the points from being "fried." When key is in start position, a full 12 volts is sent to coil directly, and when key is switched to run position, then ballast resistor is used to drop down voltage going to coil.

Some OEMs used a ballast resistor, while others used a resistor-wire that went directly to coil, when key was in run position. I have no idea which way Volvo did it then.

RE: inner two cylinders (2 and 3) to seem to run a bit richer than the outer cylinders (1 and 4)?

Carburetor based inline engines (I-4 & I-6) ran richer on inner cylinders. Physics....when the manifold is on the same plane

RE: hot starts

Common with E10 fuel...same problem with a V8 Chevrolet engine. I believe your intake and exhaust manifolds are adjacent to each other, so this adds more heat to intake manifold, making this problem worse.

Also, is your local's fuel vapor pressure change in "winter months?"

Reid vapor pressure - The matter of vapor pressure is important relating to the function and operation of gasoline-powered, especially carbureted, vehicles and is also important for many other reasons. High levels of vaporization are desirable for winter starting and operation and lower levels are desirable in avoiding vapor lock during summer heat.

Most likely, you can't buy regular/premium without alcohol I suspect.
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