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Everything is fine, there was no accident!!!

Not having any more major things to get her roadworthy got me thinking about some minor jobs I've had on my list. Thanks to C-19 I have to wait at least another 14 days to get an appointment at the registration office, so my pinned up excitement has to find an outlet!

Something I've always wanted to do was retard the timing of the NA cams to match the turbo cams, but I never wanted to buy adjustable timing gears since they just don't look stock stealthy...

At work I found this rotation jig in one of the cabinets and it just made sense to go ahead and get it done.

-3 on the exhaust and -9 on the intake was a piece of cake with this thing, once I had stopped thrice round flipping the orientation in my head... On the first try I bored the intake side +9 instead of -9, but whatevs, after reboring at a second reference tooth it still turned out just fine

Now the gears look just as boring as before, but they have new alignment holes and are ready for assembly, again
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