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Originally Posted by MadDog_945 View Post
Did a burnout on my pavement already :D
Vid, or it didn't happen!

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Awesome, it looks great, congrats!
Dank je!

I've only gotten to drive 60 Miles so far, but tomorrow I'm going on a somewhat longer tour to deliver spare parts to a fellow Volvo owner in need. Such a bummer that he doesn't just live across town


The modified -3/-9 cam timing didn't provide spectaluar results though... After the chips had enough time to adjust, the new timing shift made the motor feel like riding a 125cc dirt bike, in a bad way. No guts under 3,500 rpms and also no boost at all until about 3,200. I guess the duration of the N/A cams is quite a bit longer than the turbo cams. So I put the exhaust back to 0 and put the -3 gear on the intake to at least reduce some of the overlap and reduce exhaust temps. Now the powerband is smooth and rips all the way to the redline, making usable power off the line and feeling more like a 250cc motocrosser.

Call to the community: ---> If you guys have any experience about where you set your cam timing, I'd be very interested to hear what you settled on!
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Try to recreate and see what happens, our crystall ball servers are currrently down.
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