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Originally Posted by Mueller View Post
Great looking car, that work you did on the interior ABS parts in next level stuff.
Thanks! Like new interior parts are getting to be rarer than hen's teeth, but I still remember the days when there were 10+ 740s just sitting in the junkyard with perfect interior pieces...


After a great weekend of driving all over the place with the wife, seeing some fantastic historic ruins,

and getting a swedish ice cream sunday,

I woke on Monday to a lot of snow....

So instead of driving around with all that them salt on the road, I pulled the 745 out of summer hibernation until the madness blew over.


On Saturday the roads were clear of snow and it even rained during the night to get that rust-invoking-madness off the pavement. Not only that, some new project parts arrived in the mail, so things had to get done!

The upholstry has taken a toll over the years with the cloth covers getting loose/separating and the foam had started to desintegrate in the bottom back seat cushion, which resulted in a hard block instead of a plush ride. Since I don't want my passengers riding second class, I've been passively piecing together this project for a few time now.

Some years ago I found a NOS cover for the back seat bottom cushion and last week I bought another seat with some good foam in it.

Off with the old, on with the new!

New upholstry pliers with a bunch of staples made everything go back together perfectly.

Old seat

New seat

And now the back seat feels and looks like new again, nice and plush!


But I didn't stop there, no no no Both of the front seats also need a revision, which is why I've kept a couple of grey seats out of a 940 for an upgrade.

Yesterday I only got around to getting the passenger seat done, starting with stripping the 940 frame. Pretty much all I did was swap the cloth covers, but being able to rid myself of the deteriorated foam debris was a nice thing to do.

Otherwise I've always had this brown dust all over the floor that never cleaned up well or stayed away for long.

Somewhere along the road the cover started ripping, so I took a couple of minutes to sow it up.

The larger 940 butt heater ohmed out to be the same as the other ones, but in comparison to the back heater it barely kicks out anything. Might end up swapping back in the 740 butt heater at a later point if I get really really .... really really bored...



The best things about the 940 frame is the updated seatbelt latch and the tilt adjutment. Other than that, it more or less looks like it did before, but the foam is in a lot better condition and I no longer have the old foam dusting the interior brown.

Next up will be the driver's seat.


I do, eventually, have some performance related upgrades planned (wasted spark conversion, Cosworth turbo housing and full 3" exhaust), but since the motor already rips and runs reliably, I'll keep focusing on comfort issues for the next few updates until all the pesky things are worked out. So bear with me here peeps!
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Try to recreate and see what happens, our crystall ball servers are currrently down.
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